Want to cut down on hair products but not sure about the ‘no poo’ movement?

Simply put the no poo movement is ditching shampoo in favour of an alternative. The most popular alternative is using baking soda for washing your hair and apple cider vinegar rinse as your conditioner. See a previous post on the ‘no poo movement’.

For many people this works great, but…it’s not idea for all hair types.  I even found I had to find a different alternative as the baking soda wash was too harsh for my scalp after a period of time and was causing me to get dandruff. Yikes! Something I had never had before! Dandruff can be caused by disrupting the delicate slightly acidic pH of the scalp. Baking soda can do that as it’s a salt and on the basic side of the pH scale.

So what was a no poo advocate to do??? I was bummed for a bit thinking i would have to go back to conventional shampoos (organic conventional shampoos at that), especially since i was enjoying only washing about once a week rather than ever couple of days. I was happy to remember that I still have a few bars of a rosemary mint shampoo bar I had a made a little while back! Awesome! I would give this a try and see how my hair and scalp responded. Happily, it rebalanced by scalp pH and no more dandruff. I was also happy to notice that my hair was EVEN softer than using the baking soda/ACV method! Win!!

IMG_7761A modified ‘no poo’ variation:

  • Wash with a shampoo bar instead of baking soda. (Use a palm free and coconut free shampoo bar if you can and look for one made with a fair amount of castor oil as it is a beneficial oil for the hair and delicate skin of the scalp)
  • Use an apple cider vinegar herbal hair rinse (recipe below)
  • For long hair dab your tips/ends of your hair with olive or sweet almond oil.

BONUS: You can still wash less frequently with this method similar to the baking soda & ACV method.

I call this modified ‘no poo’ as I am using a soap, but it’s a natural soap with glycerin still in the soap and no sulfates, phosphates, parabens, phthylates, propyl compounds, PEG compounds, or other nasty stuff found in conventional shampoo! Bar soap is hands down better for your hair and scalp than a liquid shampoo!

ACV herbal hair rinse recipe

  • Mason jar
  • Unpasteurized raw apple cider vinegar (make your own or Bragg’s is a good store bought option)
  • herbs/botanicals

For dandruff, oily hair or to add a bit of shine to your hair.

To make: Add 1 cup of water and 1 cup of apple cider vinegar to a sauce pan and bring to a boil. Place herbs in a mason jar 2 sprigs of fresh rosemary and 2 sprigs of fresh mint. Pour hot vinegar/water mix over the herbs and cover and steep in a window sill for 1 week, shaking daily. Next, strain out the herbs keeping the liquid and you have a herbal rinse concentrate. To use: Dilute 1/4 c. of herbal rise concentrate with 1 c. water in a container. After shampooing, rinse hair thoroughly, then use herbal hair rinse. Let it sit on the scalp for 1 minute or so. Rinse hair thoroughly.

 To bring out blond highlights, try this variation

Make as above, but instead of steeping rosemary and mint in a mason jar, add 2 tbsp. dried calendula petals and 2 tbsp. chamomile flowers, and 2 tbsp. fresh squeezed lemon juice and let steep for 1 week in a window. Strain and use as directed above.

Tip: Some people really don’t like the scent of apple cider vinegar. the herbs do add a nice scent to it and take a bit of the pungent smell of the vinegar away. If it’s still too strong for you, or you want something more floral, add a few drops of essential oil after you have reached the herbal rinse concentrate stage. E.g’s add: 10 drops lavender, or 10 drops sweet orange and 4 drops ylang ylang or palmarosa for a citrus floral scent, or try orange and vanilla in a similar ratio.

IMG_7765Want to try out shampoo bar? It’s on sale right now in our shop!


New: Shampoo bars for you & your pets!

I have a new product to release this week! solid Rosemary & mint shampoo bars!

I admit it, I buy other cleaning products. I know, really eh? One of my favourite shampoo brands is Aveda. I am in love with the scent of the rosemary & mint shampoo. But, as much as I love that scent, I’m not comfortable with all the ingredients that are in their products. Since I haven’t quite mastered liquid soap production, I thought I would make myself some rosemary and mint scented solid shampoo bars. Solid shampoo bars are great for travelling, camping, or regular use in the shower, or even on pets! I especially like to take them in my swim or gym bag as they are much lighter and no risk of a messy spill either. These bars smell delightfully minty & fresh smelling! Perfect for our hot summers like the one we are currently having here in Edmonton!

So what’s in it? They are made with a blend of extra-virgin olive oil and organic castor bean oil, organic rosemary and peppermint essential oils. Castor oil is an excellent hair conditioning oil, which is why I included it here. Olive oil is a very gentle oil, so the bars won’t strip your hair, but you will still likely want to use conditioner afterwards. Rosemary oil is beneficial for oily hair, dandruff and has been suggested to help with hair growth, but I’m not convinced about that last one. The bars are softer to the touch than my regular olive oil bars, but they suds up really well and you can keep it dry in it’s handy tin or on a soap dish.

Pet care: Love the idea of a shampoo bar, but not sure its’ for you? Try it on your dog. Yes, scrub your pooch. They will love it! Well okay, about as much as a dog loves a bath! But, you will love the smell and the fact that you are using something all natural, chemical-free on them. Rosemary & peppermint oils are natural insect repellents and are antimicrobial too. Your pooch will smell so fresh and clean afterwards and will have shiny soft hair! The dog bars are cut into a cute dog bone shape too. I’ll post a photo soon!

I’m at 2 markets this week: 124th St. Grand Market (108th Ave & 124th St.) on Thursday, July 12, 5-9pm, & the City Market (104th St & Jasper Ave.) on Saturday July 14, 9am-3pm. Have a great week!

Al Fresco Party, Pride Parade, & City Market!


Tomorrow is going to be full of events going on in and around the city market!

It’s the Pride Parade, heading right down 102 ave, there is the Al Fresco party on all day and evening. Things will kick off with a pancake breakfast starting at 8:30am. There will be many fun events during the day and evening for this party and fundraiser for Zebra Child Protection Centre such as: wine tastings, patio pop-up restaurants along 104th, live entertainment, and lots more! Check out the links for more information. Here are photos from the 2011 Al Fresco Party. I’ll definitely be planning to set up my booth early so I can go over to the pancake breakfast before the City Market starts at 9am.

New things I’ve been working on that I will have available starting tomorrow include:

  • Men’s Shaving Kits with lino-block print moustache cloth bags!
  • Both unscented & lavender bud dryer balls in new colours!

Other items soon to be available in the coming weeks include:

  • English Garden soap (Available starting on June 16)
  • Bare Facts pure castille unscented soap (Available starting on June 16)
  • Rosemary & mint shampoo bar (new this year!) (Available June 16 hopefully)
  • Lemon & Poppy seed soap scrub bar (Available beginning June 16)
  • Sunscreen cream (Available in July)
  • DIY bath & body workshops (July & August)