Royal Bison Art & Craft Fair – Nov 28-30, Dec 5-7

It’s Royal Bison time! It’s going to be great! Not only because of the selection of artists there, but also that it’s TWO weekends! That’s right, this weekend and next weekend, you can find handmade goods made for all your xmas gifts and maybe something for yourself too! And, you can grab a beer, glass of wine of some baileys for your coffee/hot cocoa from culina’s before you start shopping!


We will be there both weekends! We are running low on our castille soaps, so be sure to drop by early to get some. We have felted soaps back in stock and have some new items this year such as:

  • Organic facial collections of cleansing grains & clay masks, facial toner (made with Edmonton OFRE apple cider vinegar), and moisturizing facial oils – Nourish (normal/combo skin), Balance (oily/acne prone skin), and Rejuvenate (dry/mature skin)
  • Revamped high tea cream! Your favourite cream we make by far is back!
  • Winter wellness box – because who doesn’t need a little help to get through those wintery days?
  • Soap for a year – 4 classic bars with or without one of our heritage wood soap dishes!
  • Our rad new Cinnamint toothpaste – it comes with the recipe too so you can try making your own!
  • & more! Drop by our booth to say hi & shop local. If you can’t make the weekend or live out of town, check out our online shop on Etsy! Be sure to place any x-mas orders by Dec. 11th to ensure we can get it in the mail to you before xmas!
Edmonton Rosehips & Citrus felted soaps

Edmonton Rosehips & Citrus felted soaps. What is a felted soap you ask? A soap with a built in wool washcloth. It makes the soap last about 3X longer and gently exfolliates the skin!

Our organic deodorant! 3 scent blends to keep you fresh!

Our organic deodorant! 3 scent blends to keep you fresh!

Winter wellness box - 2 soaps, 2 beeswax lip butters, winter wellness rosehip syrup, & our 'Banish dry skin' hand salve.

Winter wellness box – 2 soaps, 2 beeswax lip butters, winter wellness rosehip syrup, & our ‘Banish dry skin’ hand salve.

Our Nourish Organic facial collection: Cleansing grains & clay facial mask, facial toner, and facial serum. Keep your skin nourished and healthy this winter!

Our Nourish Organic facial collection: Cleansing grains & clay facial mask, facial toner, and facial serum. Keep your skin nourished and healthy this winter!

Photo credit: Michelle Phan

Oil Cleansing Method: What is it and how it works

Photo credit: Michelle Phan

Photo credit: Michelle Phan

Oil Cleansing Method sometimes referred to as OCM is a way of cleaning your skin without using soaps. It’s especially beneficial for the face and one of the most natural, simple ways to let your skin glow!

The simple concept behind it is ‘like attract like’. i.e. Oil dissolves oil.

The beauty industry would have you believe that washing your face with facial cleanser is a necessity. It promotes the idea that the only way to remove the residue left by makeup, air pollution, sweat, and oil is by using chemical-laden cleansers to strip it all off. The problem, though, is that our skin is not meant to be stripped of its natural oil. When it feels dry, it tries to repair itself, overcompensating for the lack of moisture by producing additional oil.” (

Your skin produces natural oils called sebum to protect items from the environment which includes, dryness, pollution as mentioned above, but also to keep on healthy bacteria and yeasts and keep out unhealthy or unwanted bacteria and yeasts. When we strip that protective layer off your skin too often, it not only causes our body to produce more oil, but it makes your more vulnerable to colds/flues and/or infections as well.

So, how does the oil cleansing method work?

One of the best things about the oil cleansing method is it can be used on all skin types! It’s also excellent as a makeup remover!

You choose the oils based on how your skin feels or your most common skin type. You may find you need to alter the oil combo throughout the year as the seasons greatly affect our skin, but you may not and that is okay too. Oils that are great choices for using in oil cleansing are: castor oil, extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, and almond oil. I personally use organic castor oil and extra-virgin olive oil in my blend. Castor oil is naturally astringent and helps to pull impurities from the skin. Because it is astringent, it shouldn’t be used alone on the face. Always blend it with another oil such as extra-virgin olive oil.

To give you an idea where to start, here are some oil combinations you can try.

  • Oily/Acne prone skin: 30% castor oil, 70% extra-virgin olive oil (evoo)
  • Normal/Balanced skin: 20% castor oil,  70% evoo
  • Mature/Dry skin 10% castor oil, 80% evoo
crochet wascloths

A soft, gentle washcloth is an important part of oil cleansing. Aren’t these gorgeous? If only I could crochet. Photo credit: Pinterest.


  1. Make your oil blend using suggestions above, or pick up one of our cleansing oil blends this fall at craft fairs, and grab a nice facecloth
  2. Pour about a 1/2-1 tbsp. size amount of oil into the palm of your hand
  3. Rub hands together to warm up the oil, then rub into your face and neck in circular, upward strokes going from nose outwards to cheekbones.
  4. Run the hot water, run your face cloth under it to get it wet and hot.
  5. Place the hot facecloth over your face to give a steaming effect, repeat this step a couple times to help your skin release any impurities.
  6. Rub your face gently with the cloth to remove any excess oil.
  7. Follow with a facial toner, and moisturizing facial oil if you choose.

Does it work? I found my skin felt moisturized and more elastic within a few days and no breakouts! Some people experience a adjustment period where it takes your skin a few days or a couple weeks to adjust back to the natural levels of sebum production needed to moisturize your skin.

Personally, I use a herbal infused oil blend for normal/balanced skin that I made with rose petals, rosehips, and calendula, with some essential oils beneficial for facial skin such lavender. I use oil cleansing most days of the week and my cleansing grains 1-2 times a week. After each treatment, I follow with a facial toner, and moisturizing facial oil as well.  You don’t necessarily need to do all 3 steps. Start with the OCM and see how it goes. Everyone’s skin is a little bit different, so give it a try and give us your feedback. we would love to hear if it works for you!

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 10.09.03 PM1978494_827262907305895_7423280669547388618_oPSST….Ameya Studio will be offering our new facial skin care collection for the first time this winter! Our first show will be Make it Edmonton, Nov 20-23, followed by the Royal Bison Craft Fair (Nov 28-30, Dec 5-7), and then On the Spot Pop Ups, Dec 14. We will have products for all skin types. Be sure to drop by and you can also check out our our shop online @ Etsy.  The products will be available there in the coming weeks as well. We are REALLY excited about this new skincare collection. Lots of local ingredients and thought have gone into the making of this products and we can’t wait to share them with you!!!


On the Spot Pop Ups @ Latitude 53, Oct. 25th, 10-4pm

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 2.49.39 PMTomorrow I will be selling my wares at the lovely Latitude 53 gallery for the On the Spot Pop Up event. It’s a great time to do a bit if christmas shopping, or getting ideas and connecting with artisans before the holiday season gets in full swing!

I will have a couple new items available at this show that we have been working on these past couple of months. Exciting! I can’t wait to share them all with you!

Organic baby massage oil & organic baby bum balm

Organic baby massage oil & organic baby bum balm

  • Organic baby massage oil – made with Edmonton rosehips. Babies love it!
  • Organic baby bum balm – made with local beeswax, rosehips, calendula, and lavender. So soothing and gentle enough for cloth diaper babes.
  • Cinnamint organic clay toothpaste – Wow! This product has been a game changer for us. I’m so excited to share it with you! Come get some to try it out and see for yourself.

Exciting news and a new product line in the works!

I’m sorry to all my loyal fans that I haven’t been posting on my blog much lately.

IMG_5225I have a confession to make…Growing a baby takes a lot of energy, and it’s left me a little tired. But I’m oh so grateful to get to experience this and can’t wait to meet out little one in a few months time! Life will take on a whole new meaning for me and thoughts of being a new mom are joyful and have already started to flow into my work.

Being an all-natural gal, I want to raise an all-natural baby as much as I can and thus have been reading, and researching materials, recipes, ingredients with the goal in mind to launch a gentle, all-natural product line for little babes and mom’s to be! How exciting is that?!

I’ll be putting the finishing touches on the products this month and will have them available starting in November!

iStock_000010064198SmallWhat am I working on? Well, it still top secret, but some items include:

  • baby bum butter
  • all natural baby powder
  • belly butter
  • and more!

New: Shampoo bars for you & your pets!

I have a new product to release this week! solid Rosemary & mint shampoo bars!

I admit it, I buy other cleaning products. I know, really eh? One of my favourite shampoo brands is Aveda. I am in love with the scent of the rosemary & mint shampoo. But, as much as I love that scent, I’m not comfortable with all the ingredients that are in their products. Since I haven’t quite mastered liquid soap production, I thought I would make myself some rosemary and mint scented solid shampoo bars. Solid shampoo bars are great for travelling, camping, or regular use in the shower, or even on pets! I especially like to take them in my swim or gym bag as they are much lighter and no risk of a messy spill either. These bars smell delightfully minty & fresh smelling! Perfect for our hot summers like the one we are currently having here in Edmonton!

So what’s in it? They are made with a blend of extra-virgin olive oil and organic castor bean oil, organic rosemary and peppermint essential oils. Castor oil is an excellent hair conditioning oil, which is why I included it here. Olive oil is a very gentle oil, so the bars won’t strip your hair, but you will still likely want to use conditioner afterwards. Rosemary oil is beneficial for oily hair, dandruff and has been suggested to help with hair growth, but I’m not convinced about that last one. The bars are softer to the touch than my regular olive oil bars, but they suds up really well and you can keep it dry in it’s handy tin or on a soap dish.

Pet care: Love the idea of a shampoo bar, but not sure its’ for you? Try it on your dog. Yes, scrub your pooch. They will love it! Well okay, about as much as a dog loves a bath! But, you will love the smell and the fact that you are using something all natural, chemical-free on them. Rosemary & peppermint oils are natural insect repellents and are antimicrobial too. Your pooch will smell so fresh and clean afterwards and will have shiny soft hair! The dog bars are cut into a cute dog bone shape too. I’ll post a photo soon!

I’m at 2 markets this week: 124th St. Grand Market (108th Ave & 124th St.) on Thursday, July 12, 5-9pm, & the City Market (104th St & Jasper Ave.) on Saturday July 14, 9am-3pm. Have a great week!

Handmade Mafia turns 4! Yellowhead Brewery, Thursday, Feb 9th

The handmade mafia is throwing a party this thursday!! It promises to be a night of mingling, shopping, craft swapping, and entertainment!

I’ve been a member of the handmade mafia since 2008. It’s been a great collective to be a part of, always meeting new crafters and getting ideas from each other, everyone is very supportive and friendly too. Customers love it and keep coming back to our events. Come on out on thursday and meet some of us and you will see why. We are a talented bunch of people who love to support local, live local, and love life too! I credit the mafia with helping get the word out about my handmade skincare and soap products. It’s been great to contribute to such a vibrant community in Edmonton!

I’ll have a table there with my products for sale. I will have some new items too! “Sweet Cheeks Bum BUTTer” for all those babes in diapers. Excellent for cloth diapers! It’s been receiving rave reviews from the testing group this past couple of weeks, with customers saying “works like a charm”, “works great! The ingredient list looks good enough to eat!” This will be the release of my product to the public for sale, so come by be the first to get some!

I’ll also be a regular vendor @ the city farmers market in city hall starting this Saturday, FEb 11th. Hours are 10am-3pm.

Guess who’s got a spot at Make it!!

If you have never been to Make it before, well you’re missing out.

It’s one of the best hand-made design shows in Western Canada, and I’m not just saying that because I’ll be there…!

It’s  place to connect with artisans, designer, crafters, etc. who take pride in what they do and their products speak passionately for them. You can find great gifts for loved ones as well as for yourself. I love going to this event as a crafter/vendor so that I can connect with other creative people and get new ideas. It’s also an amazing opportunity to connect with customers interested in meeting the artisans and supporting local businesses. It’s a win win!

Best of all, the place is always jivvin’ to a groovy beat with a DJ spinning music all day. Come and shop and you will be impressed!

The event runs from: Nov 17-20th, 2011 @ Alberta Aviation Hangar. 4 days of awesomeness!

Be sure to come find me. I’ll have some new products ready for launch such as beeswax lip balm, new hand creams, yoga pillows, and more!