Market Collective, Calgary, Alberta, March17 &18

Hi everyone,

I’m excited to announce that I got selected to be in the Market Collective event in Calgary the weekend of March 17 and 18. St. Patrick’s Day weekend! Perhaps you will find some lucky deals or a clover or two!

In case you haven’t been before, Market Collective is a 2 day affair of crafty-arty goodness! Come and meet local Albertan designers, crafters, artists, musicians, etc. who make, create and design handmade items from clothing to photography to soap and to jewellery, etc. It’s a great way to support local artisans, get ideas for projects, and connect with the handmade community.

I’ve been busy in my studio these past couple of weeks and will be up until the event, to bring you new items I have been working on, such as felted dryer balls, felted soaps, new hand creams, lip butters, soaps, soapnut products, such as my popular laundry detergent, gentle warrior yoga mat spray, veggie wash, and more!

Not only are these events great for supporters of handmade, they are great for the artists themselves, giving us a venue to connect with others, share tips, tricks, and get ideas for each other. I’m looking forward to going to down to partake, so if you live in Calgary come on by!

The information on where and when to find this great event, is in the poster on the right. Hope to see you there!


Beeswax Hand Creams!

Beeswax – one of nature’s great moisturizers and healers!

A couple of years ago, my mom was kind enough to give me her treasured beeswax handcream recipe. She always made us kids cream growing up, and being someone who has to take special care of my skin to prevent infections, it was a blessing to have such a high quality cream freely available!

Of course, I didn’t truly appreciate this knowledge until years later, but I’m grateful for it now!

Beeswax makes a heavier cream, and as you can see here in my photo, it is almost buttery in consistency.  The benefit of beeswax in a cream is that it has the amazing ability to protect the skin while still allowing your skin to breathe unlike synthetic chemicals which just coat your skin with a layer of plastic, letting nothing in or out. Under a microscope beeswax has a mesh-like structure, so that when it meets your skin, which is also mesh-like, it works with your skin to fill in the gaps, cracks, etc. Neat eh?!

I have taken my mom’s recipe and added my own little elements to it, such as using a herb-infused grapeseed oil, which helps add extra healing and therapeutic properties, and essential oils for both scent and healing properties. For example, I have used wild rosehips which are a natural source of vitamin C and grow prolifically here in Edmonton’s river valleys. I have also used calendula petals which help reduce inflammation and redness.

Wild Orange Beeswax Cream is one of the newest creams I have created. It’s got a blend of sweet orange, marjoram, and palmarosa essential oils. It has a sweet, light scent of summer days gone by.

With any of my creams, you can use them all over your body, such as shoulders, elbows, feet, knees, etc.

Some other beeswax creams I make are:

  • Lost in the woods man cream – cedar, pine, lemongrass, clary sage
  • Spiced Orange hand cream – cinnamon, clove, ginger, and oranges!
  • High Tea hand cream – Earl Grey inspired
  • Lavender night face cream – lavender and sage calm and refresh your skin