Mercer Collective, march 16, 2013

So looking forward to the Mercer Collective event tomorrow! Don’t let all the snow deter you from coming out! There will be an amazing array of vendors, plus you can grab a coffee at the lovely roast coffeehouse and shop while you sip and forget how snowy it is outside!
Location: Mercer warehouse, at the corner of 104 & 104 in Edmonton.
Hours: 10am-4pm, Saturday only!

Whatever you are up to this weekend, I hope it will be great weekend for you!

Ameya Studio will be at 124th Grand Market!

Tonight I will be vending at a great new market that is happening on 124th Street.

I went last week to check out the market, and it was such a great night! I had fun chatting with the vendors, buying some delicious dhal from Dhalla dhalla, and enjoying the warm weather. It’s an outdoor market nestled along 108th Ave. It’s a beautiful setting on a residential street with trees surrounding the market. It really gives it a neighborhood feel.

I’ve got some new felted soaps ready, and a new bug be gone cream to help keep away the mosquitoes. Stop by my tent and say hi. I’ll be sharing a tent with OFRE: Operation Fruit Rescue Edmonton. In my spare time, I’m the volunteer director of OFRE and an avid canner! I launched the pilot project last year for OFRE to begin making preserves out of the rescued fruit and selling the items at local farmers markets. It was a big success and OFRE will be back again this season, appearing at the Grand Market this evening!

Felted Soap – Functional Art in Bar Form

So what the heck is felted soap??!

Felted soap is a bar of soap that have been wet felted with raw wool, to create a built in wool washcloth that is attached to the bar of soap. The washcloth does several things:

  • acts as a gentle exfolliant & scrub for your skin
  • increases the longevity of the bar, meaning that the bar of soap can last 2-3 times longer
  • contains the soap until the last bit is gone. i.e. no more small pieces of soap to deal with near the end of the bar – it’s inside the felted pouch, so no worries!
  • makes it easier to hold the soap in the shower or tub since it’s not slippery
  • has natural antimicrobial properties from the wool, so you get that in your felted bar of soap too

At the end of the bar you are left with a piece of felt which makes a perfect wool scratch pad for pots & pans or cleaning the bathroom. You can also cut it open, since it’s a pouch and drop some lavender inside and toss it in a sock drawer. I’ve heard of people cutting it open and using it as a coin to trinket holder too. If none of the above ideas appeal to you, wool is compostable, so toss it in the pail and let nature take care of it.

How do you make felted soap?

First, I make all my soaps from scratch and let them cure in bar form for 2-4 weeks until they are ready. For the above pictured soap, I made a lavender & oatmeal soap. Then I take raw roving wool, wrap it around the wool, immerse in water and play with it until the little barbs in the wool adhere to the soap. The key to wet felting is: roving wool, soap, and water. In this case, my soap is my actual bar of soap.

The process is tricky and there is definitely an art to getting it to adhere and the designs which I incorporate. Just to show you, I included an image of my very first felted soap bars, I made about a year ago when I was still getting the hang if it. See below. Definitely not as pretty as the ones I can do now, but they still worked just as well.

Market Collective, Calgary, Alberta, March17 &18

Hi everyone,

I’m excited to announce that I got selected to be in the Market Collective event in Calgary the weekend of March 17 and 18. St. Patrick’s Day weekend! Perhaps you will find some lucky deals or a clover or two!

In case you haven’t been before, Market Collective is a 2 day affair of crafty-arty goodness! Come and meet local Albertan designers, crafters, artists, musicians, etc. who make, create and design handmade items from clothing to photography to soap and to jewellery, etc. It’s a great way to support local artisans, get ideas for projects, and connect with the handmade community.

I’ve been busy in my studio these past couple of weeks and will be up until the event, to bring you new items I have been working on, such as felted dryer balls, felted soaps, new hand creams, lip butters, soaps, soapnut products, such as my popular laundry detergent, gentle warrior yoga mat spray, veggie wash, and more!

Not only are these events great for supporters of handmade, they are great for the artists themselves, giving us a venue to connect with others, share tips, tricks, and get ideas for each other. I’m looking forward to going to down to partake, so if you live in Calgary come on by!

The information on where and when to find this great event, is in the poster on the right. Hope to see you there!


Deep freeze art market this weekend!

Happy near year everyone!

I hope everyone had a restful holiday. I escaped Edmonton to head to Vancouver Island to visit my family with my sweetie Mike and my pooch Tegan. We had a great time and made it back to Edmonton to ring in the new year with our great e-town friends.

Now, down to business. I will have a table @ the Deep Freeze Art Market this weekend. The Deep Freeze Fest is a great event held on 118th Ave in the Alberta Ave neighborhood. There will be great food, music, winter games, street hockey, and the art market! Click on the link to find out more about the festival.

I will have lots of new felted soaps available @ the market!


Market hours:
Saturday: 12pm-8pm
Sunday: 1pm-6pm