Bloomin’ Garden & Art Sale, May 31, 10am-4pm

Spring has sprung here in Edmonton. Leaves have popped out on the trees with their beautiful greenery and tulips are up. Soon Iris’ will be too! I’ve ben loving my daytime walks with my daughter Iris watching how everything is coming up in the neighborhood.

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 8.09.22 AMIf you haven’t made it out to the different gardening events going on around the city to get your plants, drop by the Bloomin’ Garden & Art Sale at Alberta Avenue Community League this Saturday. In addition to getting some great plants, there are artisans selling their crafts, a little gallery of excellent art works, a permaculture film, a live sculpture demonstration for the sculpture garden that is going in and a fruit growing talk!

I’ll be there and hope to have some new items for you including my natural sunscreen!

IMG_3913IMG_4951If you are looking for a father’s day gift, I have some great soaps such as ‘Oh my Guinness Beer & Oats’ made with real guinness beer and the ‘Boreal Forest Musk’ blend that is also very popular with men.

Make it Edmonton is almost here! (Apr 11-13)

mike and iris sales teamThings have been super busy in the studio and in life in general as I adjust to life as a new mom with my little beautiful girl Iris. I can’t believe she is 2 months old already! Time flies and it’s been amazing so far. I feel very blessed these days. Here is a picture of her and my lovely husband having fun at a previous craft show this spring. They are the newest members of my sales team and will both be joining me for the show!

make it spring flyerWell, with that said…Make It! Edmonton is almost here! Have you got your tickets yet? If not, grab the info. here and get them ahead of time or pay at the door.

What have I been up to and am excited about bringing to Make It!? I’ve been busy developing some new baby skincare products under a new product line I am calling “Little Acorn”. My own little acorn (now called Iris), inspired me to branch out my skincare line to include babes. Some new items you can find are:

  • Little Acorn’s baby wipes solution
  • Little Acorn’s baby bum butter

The baby wipes solution is a concentrate that you mix in a spray bottle with water. It is handy for at home or in your travel bag when out and about with your little one. An added bonus is that I’ve included a DIY recipe with this wipes solution so that you can make more when you run out. pretty neat, right? This is the fist time I am giving away one of my recipes, so I think that’s pretty awesome and hope you do too! After Make It show, I will post up the recipe on my website.

The bum butter helps soften their skin and keep diaper rash at bay. It’s made with my own herbal infused calendula extra-virgin olive oil to add some anti-inflammatory elements to the butter as well as aloe vera, organic shea butter, and the ever powerful skin hlittle acorns baby wipes solutionaler: beeswax.

Have a great week and I’m looking forward to seeing some of you there!!

Mercer Collective – Oct. 26th, Mercer Building, 10am-4pm

This Saturday, the Mercer Collective – A Maker’s Market will be running from 10am-4pm. It’s a great chance to shop local and start getting some ideas for christmas presents.

I’ll be there and and will have a couple new things:

  • Sweet cheeks bum butter (new!)  It’s great for babes to keep their bums soft and rashes at bay. Compatible with cloth diapers.
  • Rooibos Tea Beeswax Facial Cream (back in stock!). This cream is one of my best sellers and it’s now back in stock!
  • Sweet orange lip butter (new!). It’s made with sweet orange essential oil, my own herbal infused olive oils, organic shea butter, and local honey and beeswax. Delicious and soothing! I’ll be adding a few of these to the Mercer grab bags. So drop on by!
Helps keep your baby's bum soft and diaper rash at bay. Compatible with cloth diapers!

Helps keep your baby’s bum soft and diaper rash at bay. Compatible with cloth diapers!


Rooibos Tea Facial Cream – rich, moisturizing, and one of my best sellers.

Sweet orange fruits picture-fruitpedia

Roadtrip – Custom Woolen Mills, Carstairs, Alberta

Welcome sign

Welcome sign

Custom Woolen Mills working museum

Custom Woolen Mills working museum

Storage barn for unprocessed wool

Storage barn for unprocessed wool

Yesterday I took a road trip to rural Alberta to check out the Custom Woolen Mills near Carstairs Alberta, which is a working museum and store. I order my wool from there for my felted soaps and wool dryer balls and wanted to take a day to go and check it out and see how wool is made and learn more about the materials behind my products.

Well, it was well worth the trip!

When you get there it’s like a step back in time. All the machines date back to 1886 and Custom Woolen Mills started operation in 1975 as a family run business. They have grown from processing 40,000 pounds of wool a year when they first started to over 100,000 pounds a year now! The mill has a self-guided tour of their working museum which is where they process the wool and you can watch the machines and staff working away. There is also an elevated working area that you can climb up to to get a top-down view of the processing area.

When I walked in there, it was noisy and a little dark, and my glasses immediately steamed up. I thought for sure I had walked into a place where I shouldn’t be. ie. only for workers. A nice lady came out and introduced herself and welcomed me to the mill. After defogging my glasses, I could then see all the machines in front of me and was in total awe. I hadn’t really thought about the processing of wool being a warm & humid experience, but it makes sense! To wash & clean the wool, you need very hot water, which makes for a steamy workplace. It’s also a little bit stinky as you can imagine with the amount of wet wool in there. It’s really not very strong though and your nose adjusts pretty quickly.

I got a chance to have a quick tour and learn a bit more about the wools they process and where they get their wool from. They get wool from farmers in: Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, BC, and some from northern US states. They process wool form the following breeds: and even do some alpaca wool processing. All the wool is what is called “new wool” meaning it’s fresh from the sheep and hasn’t been processed before it reaches their mill. Fact of the day for me was: There is no need to be envious of New Zealand wool or Uk wool, Canadian wool is often of a higher quality, loftier in texture than imported wools because our sheep live in more extreme temperatures. Our Canadian climate helps makes their wool more fluffy and bulky and higher quality! That’s something I can support and be produce of despite all the snow we seem to get getting this year!

The staff are very nice and take pride in what they do. Their little wool shoppe is adorable. It’s where you can buy wool, roving, sweaters, socks, etc. all made from their wool that is carded, spun, and dyed on site. They even make wool pillows, blankets, comforters, and wool insulation for your house. How neat is that?! If you want some of these awesome products but can’t make it to their store in person, check out their online shoppe.

Why I love wool! Wool is:

  • a sustainable, renewable resource
  • reusable
  • biodegradable
  • fire resistant
  • water resistant
  • wrinkle resistant

Wool has insulating properties keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. Wool can absorb 30% of it’s weight in water without feeling damp. One of the reasons they are great in wool dryer balls and felted soaps!

Before I left, I picked out a car full of roving wool in a variety of colours to bring back to Edmonton with me to get working on my dryer balls in prep for the Royal Bison, May 3-5 and a few more shows coming up after that! Check out my events page to find out where I’m at for upcoming shows and my products page to see which stores are carrying some of my products.

Mercer Collective, march 16, 2013

So looking forward to the Mercer Collective event tomorrow! Don’t let all the snow deter you from coming out! There will be an amazing array of vendors, plus you can grab a coffee at the lovely roast coffeehouse and shop while you sip and forget how snowy it is outside!
Location: Mercer warehouse, at the corner of 104 & 104 in Edmonton.
Hours: 10am-4pm, Saturday only!

Whatever you are up to this weekend, I hope it will be great weekend for you!

Deep Freeze Byzantine Art Market this weekend! (January 12-13th 2013)

The first market of the year for me is almost here!!

Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 1.02.09 PM

I have to admit this was one of my favourite small art markets that I did last year, and it’s in my neighbourhood! I totally love that part and not just because it’s a short distance to travel and set-up. I’m all about local and supporting local businesses as much as I can by purchasing ingredients from small shops run by real people not corporations as well as I think it’s really important for artists to share their work in their neighborhood because it enriches the space they live and work in.

This festival includes SOOO many events for all ages such as a street hockey game, snow and ice carvings, hot chocolate, and a new event this year which my husband is participating in: a thawing hut competition. Mike and a friend formed a design team and their entry was selected along with 4 other groups to build thawing/warming huts outdoors for people to escape the cold for a bit. So excited for them! Can’t wait to see their design in real form!

So what can you expect to find at my table?

  • Castille olive oil soap bars
  • Lip butters
  • Svelt Felt Soaps (soap with a built in washcloth)
  • Whipped beeswax creams for hands, feet and face
  • Facial & Body Scrubs
  • Deodorants (NEW!)
  • Liquid Soaps (maybe) (NEW!)
  • Yoga pillows (lavender or mint) (NEW!)
  • Felt Dryer Balls
  • Soapnuts concentrated laundry detergent

Where is the art market?

Church on 93rd Street just south of 118th ave on the east side of the street. It’s kiddy corner to the portuguese bakery, which has great baked goods and sandwiches.

What are the hours?

Saturday 12pm-8pm, Sunday 1pm-6pm.

For more info: on the event, check out the Byzantine Winter Festival online.

Sept 8, city market on 104th st. & DIY soapmaking workshops

After a 2 week break, I’ll be back at the farmers market on 104th street tomorrow! The weather is looking fantastic, with a call for up to 26 degrees in Saturday. Will be a perfect day to get outdoors to one of Edmonton’s finest markets. And I’m not just saying that because I’ll be there, either. :)

This past week I taught my first cold-process soapmaking course and it went really well! We made 2 batches of a castille blend soap. The main oil by weight was extra-virgin olive oil, and by request, we added shea & cocoa butters to the soap for extra moisturizing and hardening properties. We actually made the soap outside on their patio and enjoyed the nice weather! My hosts made us delicious green tea and even some homemade lemonade in the afternoon. I’ll be adding some courses to my website for the fall and winter months. If you are interested in learning about how to make all natural olive oil soaps and skincare products, check it out. As shown in the sign, you can also request a special course for you and some friends. Minimum number of people for the class is 5.