New Soaps: Coffee Scrub Bar & Lost in the Woods

Here is a sample of new soaps that have been curing and are cut up and ready to go for upcoming craft shows! I will be at:

  • Handmade Mafia, May 5th, 10am-4pm, Orange Hall, Edmonton, AB
  • Make It Show, May 11-13th, Aviation Museum Hangar, Edmonton, AB

My style of putting organic, natural elements form nature and food are evident here in my coffee soap and lost in the woods. The coffee soap gets it’s colour from pure coffee grounds and nothing more. I sprinkled some on top too for a decadent look. Why coffee in soap? It is granular and acts as a gentle scrub helping to remove dirt and soften your hands by exfoliation. Coffee is also a great odour destroyer. It is excellent to wash your hands with this after you have been chopping onions or garlic. The smell will disappear, but you won’t be left smelling like coffee either. You will have to try it, it’s magical!

The Lost in the Woods soap is so refreshing. Like a walk in the woods and forgetting for a moment about everything else. Just standing there and enjoying the fresh scent of all the trees around you. This bar has ground kelp powder from the Pacific coast giving it, the beautiful colour. Kelp is also high in vitamins and is soothing to sensitive skin. The bar also contains locally grown oats that I freshly ground and added to the soap for their soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. There are a blend or forest essential oils that give it it’s fresh scent: rosemary, eucalyptus, pine, cedar, and lemongrass. I call this my west coast soap. When I’m missing my family and wanting to jump ship from Edmonton, I smell this soap and I feel more grounded and like that the west coast isn’t so far away.

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