DIY Honey Facial

Honey facial mask

  • 2 tbsp. liquid, raw, unpasteurized honey
  • 2-3 drops of essential oil of choice (optional)
  • 1 tsp. ground oats (optional)

Mix above ingredients in a little bowl of jar. Place a cloth in warm water, apply to your face to open your pores. Next apply honey facial. Leave on 15-30 minutes, then wash off and rinse with cold water to close your pores. Your face will feel soft and moisturized. Repeat as often as desired. I like it as a treat once a week or every couple weeks. Most of the time I just use pure honey, so don’t feel like you have to add the other ingredients mentioned. They are there to use if you like. Oats are great for reducing inflammation and for eczema. Essential oils have healing properties and add a nice aroma to your facial. Just be sure you don’t have any allergies to the essential oil you choose. Some that are nice and gentle for the face include: lavender, patchouli, mint, rosemary, tea tree, and rosewood. Tea tree is an excellent essential oil if you suffer from acne.

Honey has both healing and moisturizing properties. It’s naturally antimicrobial and has been used as heeling salve for centuries and was used up until WWII for healing wounds.

This facial recipe is a great low $ treatment you can do at home to bring some moisture back to your skin. Especially important in our dry prairie environment in Edmonton. If you do have a cut, next time instead of polysporin, try honey!

You can also find this recipe on my new page called: DIY Recipes.

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