Guess who’s got a spot at Make it!!

If you have never been to Make it before, well you’re missing out.

It’s one of the best hand-made design shows in Western Canada, and I’m not just saying that because I’ll be there…!

It’s  place to connect with artisans, designer, crafters, etc. who take pride in what they do and their products speak passionately for them. You can find great gifts for loved ones as well as for yourself. I love going to this event as a crafter/vendor so that I can connect with other creative people and get new ideas. It’s also an amazing opportunity to connect with customers interested in meeting the artisans and supporting local businesses. It’s a win win!

Best of all, the place is always jivvin’ to a groovy beat with a DJ spinning music all day. Come and shop and you will be impressed!

The event runs from: Nov 17-20th, 2011 @ Alberta Aviation Hangar. 4 days of awesomeness!

Be sure to come find me. I’ll have some new products ready for launch such as beeswax lip balm, new hand creams, yoga pillows, and more!



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