Exciting news! New workshops with the Devonian Botanical Garden in 2015!

17 Jan IMG_6962

Exciting news!

I will be teaching 3 workshops with the Devonian Botanical Gardens on: DIY green cleaning, skincare, and castille soapmaking!

Natural Skincare (March 22nd)

IMG_6962Come and learn with personal care expert Amy Beaith of PLANTiful, how to make your own natural skincare products using many local ingredients such as beeswax, honey, wildflowers and more. You will be surprised at how easy it is to ditch those over the counter products in favour of making your own skincare products such as facial & body scrubs, creams, and more. Your skin will thank you! All ingredients will be supplied and you will get to take home 1 of everything you make in class along with recipes.

DIY Green cleaning for the home (March 22nd)

You doIMG_5068n’t have to sacrifice a clean home for a non-toxic one. Come and learn with personal care expert Amy Beaith of PLANTiful, how to make a variety of green cleaning products to keep your home clean and toxin-free! All ingredients will be supplied and you will get to take home one of everything you make in class along with recipes.

Castille Soapmaking (October 24th)

IMG_3913Come and learn with personal care expert Amy Beaith of PLANTiful, the art and science behind castille soapmaking. All ingredients are supplied for you to make natural cold-process castile soaps using local ingredients, herbs and essential oils. You will take home one of everything you make in class along with recipes. Handmade soaps make great gifts!

Click here for more info. on pricing and to sign up!

Closed for the season – Happy holidays everyone!

24 Dec

Well, that’s it folks for us for the year!

A HUGE Thank you to all of you for following us and supporting our work!

Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 10.52.15 PM

A giant hug and thank you to my wonderful husband who pulled out all the stops to help with craft shows this winter! I couldn’t have done it without you!

Milestone’s for our little shop this year include:

  • New products such as our facial care collection, toothpaste, and more!
  • Getting out sunscreen through testing mode,
  • Doing a record number of winter weekend craft shows in a row, as a new mom with a busy 9 month old beautiful baby girl (at the time). Phew!
  • New improved felted soaps – we refined our technique to make them a little more like sweaters for your favourite soaps – they are both gorgeous and functional! Did you know that a felted soap will last 3 times longer?! Wool is pretty amazing stuff and we love working with it!
  • Launching our organic clay cinnamint toothpaste powder & sharing the recipe too! PLUS we got to show off our toothpaste on Breakfast Television Edmonton in December with the Savy Do Gooder!
  • IMG_7264

    Our new NON-toxic wood display!

    New craft market display that is both functional, beautiful, and NON-TOXIC to align with our mission and values to bring you the best healthy skin care products in the Edmonton region!!

  • Welcome to new retailers in Alberta carrying our products: Bosom Babies, The Cloth Diaper Source! Thank you!

On the Spot Pop Up Sale – Dec 14 – Our last show of the season!!

11 Dec

Hey folks,

Our last event of the season is almost here!!

In case you missed us at one of the previous craft fairs we attended this winter, you can find us for some last minute gift buying at this great event happening on Sunday, December 14th! It’s a beautiful gallery in downtown Edmonton, and the venue is on the ground floor, so very accessible!

I hope to see you there!



The Royal Bison weekend 2 starts today! (Dec 5-7)

5 Dec

In case you missed it, there is another Royal Bison Art & Craft Fair happening this weekend and we will be there! It’s the PRAIRIE WIDE edition meaning there are some new vendors from our neighouring cities and provinces! Can’t wait! It starts tonight at 5pm! Details are:

  • Where: Old Strathcona Performing Arts Centre (on 104th between the Old Strathcona Farmer’s market and New York Bagel Cafe).
  • When: Dec 5 (5-9pm), 6th (10am-5pm), 7th (10am-4pm).
  • What: Art, clothing, edibles, woodworking, knitted goods, skincare & beauty products, & more!

How was the first weekend of the Royal Bison? Amazing! Last week we did really well and enjoyed all the love and support from everyone who stopped by. We also got to purchase some pretty sweet loot for gifts too! Can’t wait to take Iris for a ride in her new sled made of Ash by Mastadon here in Edmonton. We’ve already got into the drink bitters and loved them, Iris is napping on my back wearing the little moccasins from Dear Deer, and I’m currently wearing the Salgado Fenwick sweater pictured in the photo. What’s missing is: Bloom Cookies that we gobbled down at our booth! Tasty treats they were. Mint Double Chocolate Chip are my fav!

Royal Bison fair finds: Salgado Fenwick (shirt), State Motto (bitters), Dear Deer (baby moccasins), Mastodon (baby cub sled)

Royal Bison fair finds: Salgado Fenwick (shirt), State Motto (bitters), Dear Deer (baby moccasins), Mastodon (baby cub sled)

jason blower royal bison loot bag design

Royal Bison 2014 Fair loot bag designed by: Jason Blower! You can buy these at the show!

Royal Bison Art & Craft Fair – Nov 28-30, Dec 5-7

28 Nov

It’s Royal Bison time! It’s going to be great! Not only because of the selection of artists there, but also that it’s TWO weekends! That’s right, this weekend and next weekend, you can find handmade goods made for all your xmas gifts and maybe something for yourself too! And, you can grab a beer, glass of wine of some baileys for your coffee/hot cocoa from culina’s before you start shopping!


We will be there both weekends! We are running low on our castille soaps, so be sure to drop by early to get some. We have felted soaps back in stock and have some new items this year such as:

  • Organic facial collections of cleansing grains & clay masks, facial toner (made with Edmonton OFRE apple cider vinegar), and moisturizing facial oils – Nourish (normal/combo skin), Balance (oily/acne prone skin), and Rejuvenate (dry/mature skin)
  • Revamped high tea cream! Your favourite cream we make by far is back!
  • Winter wellness box – because who doesn’t need a little help to get through those wintery days?
  • Soap for a year – 4 classic bars with or without one of our heritage wood soap dishes!
  • Our rad new Cinnamint toothpaste – it comes with the recipe too so you can try making your own!
  • & more! Drop by our booth to say hi & shop local. If you can’t make the weekend or live out of town, check out our online shop on Etsy! Be sure to place any x-mas orders by Dec. 11th to ensure we can get it in the mail to you before xmas!
Edmonton Rosehips & Citrus felted soaps

Edmonton Rosehips & Citrus felted soaps. What is a felted soap you ask? A soap with a built in wool washcloth. It makes the soap last about 3X longer and gently exfolliates the skin!

Our organic deodorant! 3 scent blends to keep you fresh!

Our organic deodorant! 3 scent blends to keep you fresh!

Winter wellness box - 2 soaps, 2 beeswax lip butters, winter wellness rosehip syrup, & our 'Banish dry skin' hand salve.

Winter wellness box – 2 soaps, 2 beeswax lip butters, winter wellness rosehip syrup, & our ‘Banish dry skin’ hand salve.

Our Nourish Organic facial collection: Cleansing grains & clay facial mask, facial toner, and facial serum. Keep your skin nourished and healthy this winter!

Our Nourish Organic facial collection: Cleansing grains & clay facial mask, facial toner, and facial serum. Keep your skin nourished and healthy this winter!

6 ways to keep your skin hydrated this winter!

8 Nov Photo credit: Canning Diva

It may surprise you to know that 70% of our body is made up of water! It’s important to stay hydrated in order to keep our skin soft and healthy.

6 simple ways to hydrate your skin are:

  1. water_glass_with_lemonDrink your water!
  2. Photo credit: Canning Diva

    Photo credit: Canning Diva

    Eat your water too – in the form of hydrating foods such as soups, smoothies, and hydrating veggies, such as leafy greens, cucumbers, melons, and berries and other fruits.

  3. Use a gentle cleanser on your face instead of soap  – try a sugar/salt scrub for the body and cleansing grains or oil cleansers for the face & neck.
  4. Our 'Banish Dry Skin Salve'

    Our ‘Banish Dry Skin Salve’

    Moisturize your skin immediately after a bath or shower and regularly throughout the day – using oils, body butters, and hand salves for example.

  5. Use a humidifier - set it up in your bedroom and let it run at night time. You will wake up refreshed!
  6. Cowl by Pretty Knotty Sweatshoppe (Find her @ The Royal Bison!) I have this cowl and love it!

    Cowl by Pretty Knotty Sweatshoppe (Find her @ The Royal Bison!)

    Bundle up – wear a scarf/cowl and gloves/mitts when going out in cold weather.

Avoid the following which can dry your skin:

  1. Exposure to dry air – that’s a hard one in the prairie provinces, which have exceptionally dry air, especially in the winter too, as hot air from our furnaces/heating vents contributes to an even drier environment indoors.
  2. Prolonged contact with hot or chlorinated water. Hot water and chlorine strip the sebum oils on the outer layer of your skin.
  3. Using skin care products that contain alcohol – alcohol is very drying.

Oil Cleansing Method: What is it and how it works

3 Nov Photo credit: Michelle Phan
Photo credit: Michelle Phan

Photo credit: Michelle Phan

Oil Cleansing Method sometimes referred to as OCM is a way of cleaning your skin without using soaps. It’s especially beneficial for the face and one of the most natural, simple ways to let your skin glow!

The simple concept behind it is ‘like attract like’. i.e. Oil dissolves oil.

The beauty industry would have you believe that washing your face with facial cleanser is a necessity. It promotes the idea that the only way to remove the residue left by makeup, air pollution, sweat, and oil is by using chemical-laden cleansers to strip it all off. The problem, though, is that our skin is not meant to be stripped of its natural oil. When it feels dry, it tries to repair itself, overcompensating for the lack of moisture by producing additional oil.” (Treehugger.com)

Your skin produces natural oils called sebum to protect items from the environment which includes, dryness, pollution as mentioned above, but also to keep on healthy bacteria and yeasts and keep out unhealthy or unwanted bacteria and yeasts. When we strip that protective layer off your skin too often, it not only causes our body to produce more oil, but it makes your more vulnerable to colds/flues and/or infections as well.

So, how does the oil cleansing method work?

One of the best things about the oil cleansing method is it can be used on all skin types! It’s also excellent as a makeup remover!

You choose the oils based on how your skin feels or your most common skin type. You may find you need to alter the oil combo throughout the year as the seasons greatly affect our skin, but you may not and that is okay too. Oils that are great choices for using in oil cleansing are: castor oil, extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, and almond oil. I personally use organic castor oil and extra-virgin olive oil in my blend. Castor oil is naturally astringent and helps to pull impurities from the skin. Because it is astringent, it shouldn’t be used alone on the face. Always blend it with another oil such as extra-virgin olive oil.

To give you an idea where to start, here are some oil combinations you can try.

  • Oily/Acne prone skin: 30% castor oil, 70% extra-virgin olive oil (evoo)
  • Normal/Balanced skin: 20% castor oil,  70% evoo
  • Mature/Dry skin 10% castor oil, 80% evoo
crochet wascloths

A soft, gentle washcloth is an important part of oil cleansing. Aren’t these gorgeous? If only I could crochet. Photo credit: Pinterest.


  1. Make your oil blend using suggestions above, or pick up one of our cleansing oil blends this fall at craft fairs, and grab a nice facecloth
  2. Pour about a 1/2-1 tbsp. size amount of oil into the palm of your hand
  3. Rub hands together to warm up the oil, then rub into your face and neck in circular, upward strokes going from nose outwards to cheekbones.
  4. Run the hot water, run your face cloth under it to get it wet and hot.
  5. Place the hot facecloth over your face to give a steaming effect, repeat this step a couple times to help your skin release any impurities.
  6. Rub your face gently with the cloth to remove any excess oil.
  7. Follow with a facial toner, and moisturizing facial oil if you choose.

Does it work? I found my skin felt moisturized and more elastic within a few days and no breakouts! Some people experience a adjustment period where it takes your skin a few days or a couple weeks to adjust back to the natural levels of sebum production needed to moisturize your skin.

Personally, I use a herbal infused oil blend for normal/balanced skin that I made with rose petals, rosehips, and calendula, with some essential oils beneficial for facial skin such lavender. I use oil cleansing most days of the week and my cleansing grains 1-2 times a week. After each treatment, I follow with a facial toner, and moisturizing facial oil as well.  You don’t necessarily need to do all 3 steps. Start with the OCM and see how it goes. Everyone’s skin is a little bit different, so give it a try and give us your feedback. we would love to hear if it works for you!

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 10.09.03 PM1978494_827262907305895_7423280669547388618_oPSST….Ameya Studio will be offering our new facial skin care collection for the first time this winter! Our first show will be Make it Edmonton, Nov 20-23, followed by the Royal Bison Craft Fair (Nov 28-30, Dec 5-7), and then On the Spot Pop Ups, Dec 14. We will have products for all skin types. Be sure to drop by and you can also check out our our shop online @ Etsy.  The products will be available there in the coming weeks as well. We are REALLY excited about this new skincare collection. Lots of local ingredients and thought have gone into the making of this products and we can’t wait to share them with you!!!


You may recognize LE&RN’s newest Spokesperson…

27 Oct Featured Image -- 1737

Amy Beaith:

As a person with Lymphedema, this campaign warms my heart. Lymphedema is a hidden disease in many ways. Thanks for shining a light on it.

Originally posted on The Lymphie Life:

Actress, Academy Award winner, and all-around awesome lady Kathy Bates recently kicked off the Face of Lymphedema campaign at the Lymphatic Education & Research Network’s Walk for Lymphedema and Lymphatic Diseases in September with this video message:

“Struggling alone with lymphedema can feel like a punishment for having cancer—that’s why I hope to bring awareness.”

Ahhh! How cool to have lymphie representation in Hollywood! I often hear of celebrities speaking out about living with various illnesses and chronic diseases, but I have never heard of a celebrity with lymphedema before (although I’m sure there are some out there). It’s beyond amazing to have Ms. Bates speak openly and honestly about her lymphedema, and it’s validating to have someone so well-known and visible help bring awareness not only to our condition but to our experience, as well.

Her story is one so many lymphies can relate to. In 2012, Ms. Bates was diagnosed with breast cancer and…

View original 224 more words

On the Spot Pop Ups @ Latitude 53, Oct. 25th, 10-4pm

24 Oct

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 2.49.39 PMTomorrow I will be selling my wares at the lovely Latitude 53 gallery for the On the Spot Pop Up event. It’s a great time to do a bit if christmas shopping, or getting ideas and connecting with artisans before the holiday season gets in full swing!

I will have a couple new items available at this show that we have been working on these past couple of months. Exciting! I can’t wait to share them all with you!

Organic baby massage oil & organic baby bum balm

Organic baby massage oil & organic baby bum balm

  • Organic baby massage oil – made with Edmonton rosehips. Babies love it!
  • Organic baby bum balm – made with local beeswax, rosehips, calendula, and lavender. So soothing and gentle enough for cloth diaper babes.
  • Cinnamint organic clay toothpaste – Wow! This product has been a game changer for us. I’m so excited to share it with you! Come get some to try it out and see for yourself.

Mineralizing fluoride-free toothpaste

18 Oct

For over a year now I’ve been using a homemade fluoride-free toothpaste I make with bentonite clay, purified water, baking soda, finely ground sea salt, cinnamon, and clove. Simple ingredients, easy to make, and it lasts a long time!

Is homemade toothpaste safe or healthy? What about cavities?

fluoride free_communities fluoride poisonWe have been told over and over how important fluoride is in preventing cavities, but there are more and more studies questioning it’s use in our public water as well as toothpastes. Not only is fluoride a toxin, but there are all kind of other nasty ingredients in conventional toothpaste, and even some green brands that may be trying to pull the wool over your eyes by including questionable ingredients too. One definite ingredient to be sure to avoid is Triclosan, which is a known carcinogen and also harms our fishy friends downstream. Want to know what else might lurk in your toothpaste that you should avoid? Check out the guide by the David Suzuki Foundation: How to avoid toxic chemicals in your toothpaste. If you have some toothpaste and you want to see how it ranks against other brands on the market, or find a healthier toothpaste, you can check out The Environmental Working Group Skin Deep Database (EWG) to see what’s in your toothpaste tube. You might be surprised! Also, if you have little kids, you might be surprised to learn that the Fluoride Action Network reports that “One strip of fluoridated toothpaste on a child-sized toothbrush contains between 0.75 and 1.5 mg of fluoride, which is more fluoride than is found in many prescription fluoride supplements (0.25 to 1.0 mg per tablet). Since young children are known to swallow a large amount of the toothpaste they place in their mouth, use of fluoride toothpaste–particularly when done without the supervision of a parent–can result in dangerous levels of fluoride exposure. Ingestion of excessive fluoride toothpaste is a major risk factor for dental fluorosis“. Another important reason to make sure what goes on that brush is edible and safe!

Cloves Cinnamon barkAfter visiting the dentist a couple of times for regular check-ups since using only my homemade flouride-free toothpaste, I can report that I have no new cavities and the dentist even commented a few months ago at my last check up that he was impressed with my teeth and gums. He said “Whatever you are doing Amy, keep it up“. Getting the thumbs up from the dentist was exciting! I took the leap and decided to tell him that I was using a homemade clay flouride-free toothpaste, he didn’t bat an eye and said “well that’s how they used to make toothpaste years ago, you know”.  I felt like I’d been given a pat on the back. I had been slightly worried about whether my teeth would show wear or if I would have more cavities, or whether the dentist would be able to tell that I wasn’t using a fluoride toothpaste anymore.

mentaI have been working hard behind the scenes to create a new product for my shop and wanted to make it as healthful, natural, and tasty as possible! My research & product development has paid off! I have created an AMAZING new recipe that is a toothpaste powder and one that you can easily turn into a toothpaste too. It smells like cinnamon hearts with a hint of mint and it feels divine! I actually look forward to brushing my teeth now! What is even more exciting is how local the toothpaste powder is. Turns out I needed a lot of mint leaves to make this new product, more than I had growing in my front garden, so I reached out to friends in Edmonton and got many requests to come and rescue some of their mint! All this harvested mint will be going into my toothpaste powder thanks to some wonderful gardener friends!

Where can you find my new toothpaste?

New this fall, you will see our cinnamint toothpaste powder with DIY instructions to make your own powder and paste at home if you wish available at craft shows & my online shop! My next show coming up is On the Spot Pop Up @ Latitude 53, October 25th, 10am-4pm.


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