What’s the difference between a cream, salve, and a lotion?

10 Apr

I get this question a lot at craft shows and I have sometimes had a hard time explaining in a simple way the differences. Thanks to the awesome blog called The Little Herbal for such a clear and succinct explanation. I’m a big fan of her blog.Image

What is the difference between a Lotion vs. Cream vs. Salve?

Salve- A salve is simply a combination of oil and beeswax.  Beeswax is melted with the oil and then when it cools it will harden into your desired consistency.  It can also have other things added to it (essential oils, butters, vitamin E, etc.)  but it does not contain water.  This gives it a long, stable shelf life.

Lotion: A lotion is created when you take oil & water and blend it together using an emulsifying agent, typically emulsifying wax or beeswax.  Lotion usually has a higher concentration of water to oil (70% water, 20% oil, 10% emulsifying agent).  Depending on whether or not you use preservatives, lotions will have a shorter shelf life due to the high concentration of water.

Cream: A cream is also created when you take oil & water and blend it together using an emulsifying agent, typically emulsifying wax or beeswax.  Creams have a higher concentration of oil in them than lotions (45% water, 45% oil, 5-10% emulsifying agent), making them thicker, heavier and more moisturizing.

Body Butter: A body butter is created by blending natural butters like shea butter, cocoa, butter and/or mango butter.  My body butter recipes usually tend to be a blend of butters and liquid carrier oils making them more malleable and easy to apply and absorb into the skin.

From: The Little Herbal


I currently make both salves and creams for Ameya Studio and will have several of them @ Make It Edmonton this coming weekend. (April 11-13) Stop by to try them and banish that dry skin away. They are luxurious, made with rich moisturizing beeswax and fair trade shea butter, plus have healing essential oils in them for both scent and therapeutic properties. Whether you are looking for something for your face, your hands, or a little babe you know, I’ve got you covered! 

Happy thursday!

Make it Edmonton is almost here! (Apr 11-13)

9 Apr

mike and iris sales teamThings have been super busy in the studio and in life in general as I adjust to life as a new mom with my little beautiful girl Iris. I can’t believe she is 2 months old already! Time flies and it’s been amazing so far. I feel very blessed these days. Here is a picture of her and my lovely husband having fun at a previous craft show this spring. They are the newest members of my sales team and will both be joining me for the show!

make it spring flyerWell, with that said…Make It! Edmonton is almost here! Have you got your tickets yet? If not, grab the info. here and get them ahead of time or pay at the door.

What have I been up to and am excited about bringing to Make It!? I’ve been busy developing some new baby skincare products under a new product line I am calling “Little Acorn”. My own little acorn (now called Iris), inspired me to branch out my skincare line to include babes. Some new items you can find are:

  • Little Acorn’s baby wipes solution
  • Little Acorn’s baby bum butter

The baby wipes solution is a concentrate that you mix in a spray bottle with water. It is handy for at home or in your travel bag when out and about with your little one. An added bonus is that I’ve included a DIY recipe with this wipes solution so that you can make more when you run out. pretty neat, right? This is the fist time I am giving away one of my recipes, so I think that’s pretty awesome and hope you do too! After Make It show, I will post up the recipe on my website.

The bum butter helps soften their skin and keep diaper rash at bay. It’s made with my own herbal infused calendula extra-virgin olive oil to add some anti-inflammatory elements to the butter as well as aloe vera, organic shea butter, and the ever powerful skin hlittle acorns baby wipes solutionaler: beeswax.

Have a great week and I’m looking forward to seeing some of you there!!

Mercer Collective, March 29, 10-4pm – I’m having a spring sale!

28 Mar

ImageWell folks, I’m back at it and so excited for tomorrow! This is my first event with my wee Iris and hubs along to help out. Stop by out booth at the Mercer Warehouse tomorrow for the awesome Mercer Collective running from 10am-4pm.

I’m having a sale to move out the end of season inventory! Creams are 50% off and soaps are discounted too!

Hope to see you there!

Closed for the season!

3 Dec

ClosedForSeason-2gcw9j6Hi everyone,

Just a quick post to remind you that I’m all closed up for the season. My husband and I are away on our honeymoon for the month of December and have closed up our online shop and won’t be doing any more events for the month.

THANK YOU on speech bubble price labelsA HUGE , huge THANK YOU to everyone for helping us have our best year yet and ending with a bang at Make it Edmonton and the Royal Bison! We had a blast!!

15732588-happy-new-year-2014-message-over-black-backgroundHope everyone has a wonderful christmas season and see you in the New Year!

Royal Bison Craft Fair! Nov 29-Dec 1st

27 Nov

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 12.21.24 PMOnly a couple more days until the Royal Bison is here! I’ve got some last minute prep to bring you the best of my products.

I’ve been busy restocking wool soaps, wool dryer balls, and beeswax hand creams this week after the lovely shoppers at Make it Edmonton sold me out of many items!

See you this weekend! The show looks like it has a fabulous line-up. Can’t wait to join the vendors and will also look forward to doing a bit of x-mas shopping for peeps on my list too!

1452028_10153445869670284_1501522631_n IMG_1701 IMG_1696 20130521-234620.jpgItems you will find at my booth include:

  • Merino wool soaps
  • Merino wool dryer balls
  • Beeswax creams
  • Pure olive oil soaps (Edmonton’s only & original castille soaps!)
  • Lip butters
  • Reclaimed wooden, handcarved soap dishes
  • and more!

Make it starts this Thursday, Nov 21st!

17 Nov

We are only a few days away from one of the greatest craft shows in Edmonton! Make It starts this Thursday Nov 21 and runs until the 24th.

I was excited to see one of my felted soaps featured in the great article by Marta Gold in the Edmonton Journal about Make It.

1476380_10153471587045284_1430938151_n 1476241_10153471523580284_670753666_n 1452028_10153445869670284_1501522631_nHere are some fun photos of my soaps that I’ll be bringing to Make It. I’m down to the wire finishing prepping and preparing for the show, so this is my last post for a bit. Hope to see you there!


Make it – Less than 2 weeks away!

8 Nov

Make-it-Edmonton-event cardWow, can you believe it?! Make it Edmonton, one of my all time favourite craft shows is less than 2 weeks away!

I have been busy in the studio preparing soaps, creams, new lip butters and more!

Can’t wait! With over 200+ artisans to choose from, you can find gifts for the whole family.

IMG_1696 IMG_1701

Mercer Collective – Oct. 26th, Mercer Building, 10am-4pm

25 Oct

This Saturday, the Mercer Collective – A Maker’s Market will be running from 10am-4pm. It’s a great chance to shop local and start getting some ideas for christmas presents.

I’ll be there and and will have a couple new things:

  • Sweet cheeks bum butter (new!)  It’s great for babes to keep their bums soft and rashes at bay. Compatible with cloth diapers.
  • Rooibos Tea Beeswax Facial Cream (back in stock!). This cream is one of my best sellers and it’s now back in stock!
  • Sweet orange lip butter (new!). It’s made with sweet orange essential oil, my own herbal infused olive oils, organic shea butter, and local honey and beeswax. Delicious and soothing! I’ll be adding a few of these to the Mercer grab bags. So drop on by!
Helps keep your baby's bum soft and diaper rash at bay. Compatible with cloth diapers!

Helps keep your baby’s bum soft and diaper rash at bay. Compatible with cloth diapers!


Rooibos Tea Facial Cream – rich, moisturizing, and one of my best sellers.

Sweet orange fruits picture-fruitpedia

Exciting news and a new product line in the works!

3 Oct

I’m sorry to all my loyal fans that I haven’t been posting on my blog much lately.

IMG_5225I have a confession to make…Growing a baby takes a lot of energy, and it’s left me a little tired. But I’m oh so grateful to get to experience this and can’t wait to meet out little one in a few months time! Life will take on a whole new meaning for me and thoughts of being a new mom are joyful and have already started to flow into my work.

Being an all-natural gal, I want to raise an all-natural baby as much as I can and thus have been reading, and researching materials, recipes, ingredients with the goal in mind to launch a gentle, all-natural product line for little babes and mom’s to be! How exciting is that?!

I’ll be putting the finishing touches on the products this month and will have them available starting in November!

iStock_000010064198SmallWhat am I working on? Well, it still top secret, but some items include:

  • baby bum butter
  • all natural baby powder
  • belly butter
  • and more!

Mercer Collective, Saturday, September 14th

13 Sep

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 6.19.31 PMTomorrow I’ll be back at the lovely Mercer Collective market happening in the Mercer Building on 104th and 104th from 10am-4pm, SAturday, September 14th.

It looks like it’s going to be a great day for shopping the city market and Mercer collective ,s come on by and see what’s new for fall!

Hope to see you there!


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